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Spotlight on Lecturer in Teaching Feature

Published 09 June
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Craven College Lecturer in Painting & Decorating, Peter Face, was recently featured in the acclaimed Teach in Further Education Newsletter and spoke of his successful career journey after undertaking an Education & Training qualification through Craven College.

Peter spoke of his initial worries before starting the course and said “I didn’t know at the time when I first became a Further Education teacher that I would have to do a teacher training course. I panicked a bit because I thought I would find that very difficult, especially given I am dyslexic.”

He went on to say “But Craven College were really supportive and so were the tutors, they were brilliant and really helpful. I only had to go to the university for classes once a month on a Saturday, so it didn’t affect my teaching week.”

“When completing assignments, I tended to complete these in the evenings and around my teaching as you typically only teach 24 hours a week then the rest of the time you can use it to prepare lessons or complete your studies.”

Reflecting on his experience, he said “So, I got through it, and it’s one of my proudest moments. I wouldn’t have ever dreamt of being able to complete a qualification and to then go on to teach in further education.”

The newsletter is for those who are interested in pursuing a career into teaching and often shares tips, tricks and good practice surrounding the education industry. With a mail list of over 6,000 subscribers, Peter’s story is sure to inspire those who are looking to break into the FE sector.

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To find out more about qualifications in Education & Training at Craven College, visit:

BricklayingLevel 1, Level 2
Carpentry & JoineryLevel 1, Level 2
Construction Trades (Multi-skills)Level 1
Electrical InstallationLevel 2
Painting & DecoratingLevel 1, Level 2
PlasteringLevel 1, Level 2
PlumbingLevel 1, Level 2
Bricklayer ApprenticeshipLevel 2
Carpentry & Joinery ApprenticeshipLevel 2
Craft Bricklayer Apprenticeship New CourseLevel 3
Craft Carpentry & Joinery ApprenticeshipLevel 3
Electrical Installation Apprenticeship New CourseLevel 3
Painter & Decorator ApprenticeshipLevel 2
Plasterer ApprenticeshipLevel 2
Plumbing & Domestic Heating Apprenticehsip Under DevelopmentLevel 3
Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship New CourseLevel 3
Brickwork - AdvancedThu 24 April 2025
Brickwork - IntroductionTue 25 February 2025
Dry Stone Walling - IntroductionSat 21 September 2024
Education and Training Level 3 AwardTue 10 September 2024
Electrical Installation Level 2 DiplomaTue 17 September 2024
Electrical Level 1 Certificate (Construction Skills)Tue 5 November 2024
Family Histories - Part 1Tue 17 September 2024
Family Histories - Part 2Tue 7 January 2025
Joinery - IntroductionTue 1 October 2024
Joinery Skills - ImprovingTue 21 January 2025
Painting and Decorating - IntroductionTue 14 January 2025
Plastering - IntroductionSat 19 October 2024
Plastering Level 1 Award (Construction Skills)Thu 26 September 2024
Plastering Level 1 Certificate (Construction Skills)Thu 16 January 2025
Plumbing - IntroductionThu 15 May 2025
Stonework - IntroductionTue 24 September 2024
Supporting Teaching & Learning Level 2 CertificateWed 2 October 2024
Teaching Assistants Level 2Mon 9 September 2024
Teaching Assistants Level 2 (Batley)Mon 9 September 2024
Teaching Assistants Level 3 (Batley)Thu 12 September 2024
Wallpapering - IntroductionThu 7 November 2024
Wallpapering Skills - ImprovingThu 27 February 2025
Working with Children Level 1 AwardThu 23 January 2025
Building Services Engineering - Electrotechnical Engineering T Level New CourseLevel 3
Building Services Engineering - Plumbing & Heating Engineering T Level New CourseLevel 3
Design, Surveying & Planning - Surveying & Design for Construction & the Built Environment New CourseLevel 3
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