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Work Experience

What is work experience? Work experience is an important component in all Craven College full-time courses. We work with both students and employers to support both parties to ensure that the placement is mutually beneficial. For Craven College students, work experience forms a key part of their Study Programme at College. Alongside studying for their specific qualification, we expect all of our students to undertake some element of preparation for work. In some cases, this is in the form of Work-related Learning – perhaps working alongside colleagues at College to develop industry-specific skills, take part in visits or talks with an expert. For the majority of our students at all levels, we support them to find work experience within the local community in an area that relates to the subject they are studying.

Safeguarding on work experience

What do the students get from work experience?
  • The opportunity to see at first hand the reality of what they have been learning in a classroom
  • The chance to build their skills in the specifics of a role alongside wider employability skills such as communication, confidence, timekeeping and team working
  • The development of their understanding of the field they want to work in and goals and targets to work towards
  • Help to build a good CV which includes genuine experience that could help them take the first step on their career ladder once their studying is over
What do you get out of offering work experience?
  • Enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to your operation through having young people working with you
  • Development of your staff through mentoring and supervision
  • Investment in your potential future workforce and influence the way in which young people’s skills develop to meet your business needs
  • Help in meeting your corporate and social responsibility agenda and giving something back to the community you work within
  • All our work experience providers will be given a certificate of appreciation to acknowledge the support you have given our students!
What is the commitment required from my business?
  • Hours vary depending on studies, ranging from 30 to 150 placement hours – the majority only require 30
  • Arrangements can include block placements of one or two weeks or a student working with you for a day a week over an extended period of time but are led by you
  • Provision of details of your Employers Liability Insurance and Health and Safety arrangements
  • Whilst the students will be responsible for logging their experiences, you will be required to sign off the hours that they achieve and provide them with feedback on their performance
  • All the student’s work is unpaid
  • The College has a dedicated work experience team to support you throughout. If you have any questions or would like to discuss how you could work with us then please call 01756 707 268 or email
  • The team is based in: W1.07 – Whernside Building, Aireville Campus
  • Please note that the work placement team can be contacted on Microsoft teams or are available in their office from 8am till 5pm Monday to Thursday and 8am- 4pm on Fridays
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