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Reports and Policies

A1 Access and Participation Plan Outcome
Articles Of Government 2014 – Governing Board Of Craven College
Breach Policy and Procedure
Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Policy
College Charter 2019-20
Community Engagement and Responsiveness Strategy
Complaints – How To Make A Complaint
Complaints Against The Board Of Governors Policy
Complaints and Compliments Policy
Confidentiality Copyright and Employee Inventions Policy
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
Craven College Annual Reports & Financial Statements 2014 – 15
Craven College Annual Reports & Financial Statements 2015 – 16
Craven College Annual Reports & Financial Statements 2016 – 17
Craven College Annual Reports & Financial Statements 2017 – 18
Craven College Annual Reports & Financial Statements 2018 – 19
Display Screen Equipment Policy
Dress and Appearance Policy
Drug, Substance and Alcohol Abuse Policy
English and Maths Policy 2019-21
Environmental and Sustainable Development Strategy
Equality and Diversity Policy
Ethics Policy
Exam Access Arrangements Policy
FE Student Admissions Policy
Fee & Refund Policy 2017-2018
Fee & Refund Policy 2018-2019
Fee & Refund Policy 2019-2020
Fee & Refund Policy 2020-2021
Financial Support for Further Education Students
Freedom of Information Policy
Freedom of Speech Policy and Code of Practice
Further Education Teaching Learning and Assessment Policy 2019-21
Gender Pay Report
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Policy
Governance – Arrangements for obtaining the views of staff and students
Governors Scheme of Delegation
Health and Safety Coronavirus Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Higher Education Accreditation of Prior Learning Policy and Procedures
Higher Education Admissions Policy
Higher Education Appeals Policy and Procedure
Higher Education Learning, Teaching and Assessment Policy
Higher Education No Detriment Policy (Covid-19)
Higher Education Published Information
Higher Education Quality Review
Higher Education Strategy 2018-21
Higher Education Student Academic Misconduct Policy
Higher Education Student Support Strategy
Higher Education Student Terms and Conditions
Higher Education Terms of Reference Scheme Board of Examiners
Higher Education Terms of Reference Scheme Board of Examiners OU
Instrument of Government 2014- Governing Board of Craven College
IT Strategy 2017-20
Lettings Policy
Malpractice and Maladministration by College Staff and Subcontracted Staff Policy 2019-22
No Smoking Policy
Observation of Teaching, Learning and Progress for Continuous Improvement Policy 2019-20
Ofsted Report 2018
Policy on Non Audit Services
Recruitment, Selection & Induction of Staff Policy
Remuneration Committee Annual Report
Retention and Archiving of College Records Policy
Rules for the Appointment, Re-Appointment and Removal of Governors
Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults
Small Group Tuition Funding
Social and Electronic Media Policy
Sports Strategy 2015 – 2018
Student Attendance and Punctuality Policy 2019-20
Student Behaviour & Disciplinary Policy
Student Engagement Strategy
Student Protection Plan
Subcontracting Data 2018 – 2019
Subcontracting Policy and Fee Schedule
Visitor Policy
Whistleblowing Policy
Work and Work Experience within Study Programmes Policy 2019-21