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Joinery, Painting and Decorating, Electrical, Plumbing and Plastering are all taught in our purpose-built, industry-standard Ribblehead Construction Building. Bricklaying has expanded into its own workshop based at the Auction Mart Campus, Skipton. You can choose to study as a full-time student or an Apprentice. Starting with Multi Skills allows you to gain experience of all Construction pathways before specialising in your second year.  

Bricklayers are taught in a well-ventilated workshop with industry-standard equipment including large roller pan mixer, forklift truck, pallet truck etc. Joinery students can choose between Bench and Site joinery, making use of a well-equipped workshop, a machine shop with storage and extraction and project areas. Painting and Decorating students have access to purpose-made booths for training and assessment. Bespoke bays for solid plastering and plasterboarding are complemented by a serpentine wall for Level 3 Plastering students, along with a fibrous workshop for architectural plasterwork.  

Our tutors are specialist craftspeople and have many years’ experience in the Construction industry in both large and small businesses with specialisms in Heritage and Conservation work. You will have the opportunity to enter the prestigious CITB SkillBuild competition. All tools, equipment and materials are provided.

Average Wages in Sector
Civil Engineers
Suggested Occupation
Future Predicted Growth
BricklayingLevel 1
Carpentry & JoineryLevel 1, Level 2
Construction Trades (Multi-skills)Level 1
ElectricalLevel 1, Level 2, Level 3
Painting & DecoratingLevel 1, Level 2
PlasteringLevel 1, Level 2, Level 3
PlumbingLevel 1, Level 2
Bricklayer ApprenticeshipLevel 2
Carpentry & Joinery Advanced ApprenticeshipLevel 3
Carpentry & Joinery ApprenticeshipLevel 2
Painter & Decorator ApprenticeshipLevel 2
Plasterer ApprenticeshipLevel 2
Plastering - IntroductionThu 9 June 2022
Stonework - IntroductionThu 16 June 2022
Brickwork - IntroductionTue 21 February 2023
Dry Stone Walling - IntroductionSat 20 May 2023
Electrical Installations (Buildings and Structures) Level 2Tue 6 September 2022
Joinery - IntroductionTue 25 April 2023
Joinery - WorkshopTue 31 January 2023
Painting & Decorating - IntroductionThu 27 April 2023
Painting & Decorating - WorkshopThu 12 January 2023
Painting & Decorating (Construction Skills) Level 1 AwardFri 13 January 2023
Plastering - IntroductionSat 20 May 2023
Plastering - WorkshopThu 10 November 2022
Plastering (Construction Skills) Level 1 AwardThu 5 January 2023
Plastering (Construction Skills) Level 1 CertificateThu 23 March 2023
Wallpapering – IntroductionThu 2 March 2023
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