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Plastering is taught in our purpose-built, industry-standard Ribblehead Construction Building. You can choose to study as a full-time student or an Apprentice. Starting with Multi Skills allows you to gain experience of all Construction pathways before specialising in your second year.

Bespoke bays for solid plastering and plasterboarding are complemented by a serpentine wall for Level 3 Plastering students, along with a fibrous workshop for architectural plasterwork.

Our plastering tutors are specialist craftspeople (and national competition prizewinners) and have many years’ experience in the plastering industry in both large and small businesses. You will have the opportunity to enter the prestigious CITB SkillBuild competition. All tools, equipment and materials are provided.

Average Wages in Sector
Suggested Occupation
Future Predicted Growth
Construction Trades (Multiskills)Level 1
PlasteringLevel 1, Level 2, Level 3
The Built Environment New CourseLevel 2, Level 3
Tiling New CourseLevel 2
Plastering - Introduction - UFPNAJ02Sat 17 April 2021
Plastering - Introduction - UFPNAJ01Sat 19 June 2021
Plastering - Introduction - UXPKAJ07Thu 15 April 2021
Plastering - Introduction - UXPKAJ05Thu 12 November 2020
Plastering - Workshop - UXPKAJ03Thu 10 June 2021