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Photography is a platform that allows you to tell a story. Being able to capture a moment in time and document something that can be cherished for a lifetime. It can evoke emotions and spark conversations, allowing you to connect with people and communities.

Choosing a career in Photography can give you the freedom to travel across the world, working in different environments, cultures and landscapes. Many photographers start their own businesses or freelance which gives you real flexibility over where and how you work.

As a full-time student on our UAL (University of Arts London) course, you’ll benefit from workshops and talks from artists and practitioners. We work closely with galleries, universities and businesses to ensure you have the opportunity to showcase your work, as well as exhibit at our annual ‘End of Year Show’ which is open to the public.

Whether you study a full-time UAL course, or you study one of our part-time photography courses, we’ll help you on your way to a successful career in this dynamic art discipline.

Average Salary
Photographer, Photojournalist
Suggested Occupation
Industry Growth
Art & Design (Foundation Studies)Level 3, Level 4
Photography (Pathway)Level 3
Digital Photography – IntroductionTue 8 October 2024
Photoshop - IntroductionTue 21 January 2025
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