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Painting & Decorating

Painting and decorating allows you to tap into your creative side. As a painter and decorator, you will be able utilise your creativity and be able to transform spaces through colour, texture, and design. Whether it’s working with residential homes, commercial buildings, or public spaces, you can express your artistic vision and bring beauty to various environments.

Within new construction, renovations, or maintenance work, there is a constant demand for professionals in this field. Painting and decorating requires learning and honing technical skills, from surface preparation techniques and colour mixing to brush and roller techniques, as well as understanding different types of paints, and safety practices.

By pursuing this career, you can continually develop and refine your craft. As you gain experience, you can learn new painting techniques, work with different materials, and stay updated with industry trends, ensuring your skills remain in demand.

Our tutors are specialist craftspeople and have many years’ experience in the Construction industry in both large and small businesses with specialisms in Heritage and Conservation work, meaning that you’ll be trained with all the certifications and industry standards essential for a successful career, whether you study full-time or as an apprentice.

Average salary
Painter & Decorator
Suggested Occupation
Industry Growth
Construction Trades (Multi-skills)Level 1
Painting & DecoratingLevel 1, Level 2
Painter & Decorator ApprenticeshipLevel 2
Painting and Decorating - IntroductionTue 14 January 2025
Wallpapering - IntroductionThu 7 November 2024
Wallpapering Skills - ImprovingThu 27 February 2025
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