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The vibrant sector of Hairdressing and Barbering provides a unique opportunity to express your artistic flair while making your customers look good and feel good.

Mixing creativity, technical skill, and personal interaction, you will work with real clients in the fully equipped, state-of-the-art commercial Style Academy salons on our Aireville campus, learning both practical and theoretical aspects of Hairdressing and Barbering.

You will gain comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience to cut, colour, style, shape and dress both male and female clients’ hair, as well as learn customer services essential to the salon experience valued by your customers.

Through lessons with our team of tutors and workshops from visiting industry experts you will build your knowledge ready for the next stages of your career. You will also have opportunities to showcase your talents at regional and national competitions, as well as the College’s End of Year Show.

Average Salary
Hairdressing Salon Manager
Suggested Occupation
Industry Growth
Hairdressing (Colouring, Cutting)Level 1, Level 2, Level 3
Advanced & Creative Hair Professional ApprenticeshipLevel 3
Barbering Professional ApprenticeshipLevel 2
Hair Professional ApprenticeshipLevel 2
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