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Are you interested in understanding the reasons behind why people commit crime and how it affects society? Studying Criminology within our Social Science programme will allow you to build up this knowledge and prepare you for your career in the social justice and criminal justice sectors.

Criminologists examine a broad range of topics related to crime. They are dedicated to studying not only the causes of crime but the social roots and impact as well.

The end goal of criminology is to determine the root causes of criminal behaviour and to develop effective and humane means for preventing it.

Career opportunities include criminologist, forensic scientist, research assistant, investigator and many other roles within the criminal justice system.

Our Social Sciences programme is equal to 3 A Levels and depending on your career aspirations you will select three complementing subjects from Psychology, Sociology, Criminology, Health & Social care and Science.

Average Salary
Research and Development Managers, Scientists
Suggested Occupations
Industry Growth
Criminology - IntroductionTue 26 September 2023
Exploring CriminologyTue 20 February 2024
Forensics - IntroductionTue 23 April 2024
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