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Our industry leading Animal Management Centre is a sensational extension to our high-quality provision for Animal Studies students. The facilities include a reception area with a large display tank for large reptiles, specialist rooms for fish, invertebrates, nocturnals, rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, small mammals, plus quarantine and isolation rooms. There are a dedicated dog exercise area and grooming room, outdoor and indoor aviaries, outdoor runs for ducks, hens, geese and rabbits, and a wildlife area.  

Our Animal Studies tutors have a vast range of skills and years of experience of working with animals, including dog grooming in the UK and caring for reptiles as part of private zoo collections. Their specialist study areas include animal health and nutrition, animal welfare, environmental studies, behavioural science, animal health and parasitology, animal cognition, conservation and ecology, giving you a depth of knowledge to tap into.  

Visits to zoos and local farms and frequent workshops by local experts are some of the enrichment activities you can expect to be part of the Animal Studies course at Craven College.

Average wages in sector
Suggested Occupation
Future Predicted Growth
Animal StudiesEntry Level 3, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3
Degrees & Higher Levels
Animal Husbandry & Welfare FdSc (subject to validation) New CourseLevel 5
Animal Management (Equine) HNCLevel 4
Animal Welfare & Behaviour BSc Top-up (subject to validation) New CourseLevel 6
Animal Care – Junior - UFPNAG02Sat 13 November 2021
Animal Care – Junior - UFPNAG03Sat 19 March 2022
Dog Grooming – Introduction - UXPKAG01Tue 26 April 2022
Dog Grooming – Introduction - UXPKAG02Sat 30 April 2022
Dog Grooming – Introduction - UXPKAG03Thu 9 June 2022
Dog Grooming Diploma Level 3 - UXPPAG07Thu 30 September 2021
Access to HE
Access to Veterinary Science (19+) New CourseLevel 3
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