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Equine Arena Taking the Reins in Horse Safety

Published 20 June
Horse Management courses

Staff and horses at the Equine Arena were joined by fire crews from Grassington and Skipton this week for a CPD evening.

Firefighters at Craven Equine Arena

Amelia Fawcett and Jenny Hartley discussed yard evacuation policies, and how to evacuate all horses safely and quickly in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Jenny taught the firefighters about restraint and body language and all attendees had the chance to try restraining and leading horses out.

Firefighters at Craven Equine Arena

Jenny Hartley, Equine Yard Instructor commented, “The evening was so important for the fire crew, staff, and horses. Amelia and I trained the firefighters in horse behaviour and how to recognise a stressed horse, including an in-depth discussion on each individual horse. None of the fire fighters had ever had hands-on equine training before, so they all had a go of putting on and off head collars and leading horses, the horses were able to experience the fire crew in full equipment too.

“It is vitally important to have fire-fighting equipment in place, this is not only for our BHS and council licence but also for the emergency services. This includes a red box placed outside containing relevant information needed such as Horse information, access, combustibles, safe evacuation procedures for animals, contact information and fire-fighting equipment.”

Our horses had the chance to meet the firefighters in their full protection gear to illustrate the difference in horse behaviour to firefighters with and without helmets and respirators.

It was a really enjoyable and useful evening, and we offer our sincere thanks to the fire crews for attending.

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