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Top Media Tips from the BBC

Published 05 December
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In the week the BBC turned 100 years old, Craven College Media students were treated to tales of 35 years of working experience with our National broadcaster.

As the College’s Media Department welcomed seasoned Journalist Kevin Howells into the classroom to share his thoughts and reflections on a career in, the future of, and Craven College students’ place in the Global Media landscape of the 21st century.

Encouraging, supportive and interactive, Kevin spoke about how despite his own self-doubts, he made his own good fortune to get started with the BBC at the age of 18, after only weeks previously being rejected for some voluntary work with his local Hospital Radio.

In lessons that morning our Year 1 Media students had been learning about audience engagement and speaking in the language of the audience, and Kevin’s anecdotes reinforced the importance of that learning as he shared tales of success and failure in doing so.

The biggest takeaway though was the encouragement and self-belief he instilled in our students to follow their passions and develop and share their own content and not be shy at approaching media outlets with their own ideas and work. Luke Knight described the talk as ‘very helpful’ ; Jorja Wollaston commented that she felt inspired by his message of ‘just go for it’.

If you are interested in studying Media at Craven College, applications are open to join us in September 2023. For more information take a look at our Media courses.

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