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Frankie Simpson

Animal & Veterinary Science Lecturer
Frankie Simpson title

I initially started studying animal science doing a level 3 animal management, a course the same as the one offered here at Craven College. I then used this to progress onto wildlife & conservation, specialising in zoological research. I enjoy teaching the technical science-based subjects & demonstrating the connection between classroom theory & the application to real-world wildlife scenarios.

My Qualifications...
  • PGCE – FE specialism

  • MSc Conservation Biology

  • BSc Applied Zoology & Conservation

Did you know...
  • I have used the foundational knowledge I gained from my Level 3 & progressed onto taking part in research trips in the Rainforests of Honduras, Central America & the Coral reefs of the Caribbean.
  • I am still an active researcher, undertaking projects that utilise an animal’s DNA to determine the most appropriate conservation actions to preserve wild populations.

Find out more about my areas:Animal Studies

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