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Livestock Unit Technician Apprenticeship

Manage the livestock-related tasks on a farm

Progressing from a Level 2 Apprenticeship an employee in this role will be responsible for making decisions about the daily management of livestock such as changes in diet based on nutritional values in feed. They will manage livestock before, during and after parturition, providing accommodation that meets the animal’s requirements for optimal health and performance. They also select and prepare livestock for sale or transfer. The individual will be responsible for completing daily records and reporting to senior management, assisting with overall strategic decisions to help drive productivity, livestock welfare and farm health and safety in line with industry standards. Depending on the business structure, they may supervise junior members of staff.

As part of the Apprenticeship, you will have monthly workplace visits from a Learning Development Advisor, with 6 hours per week off the job training which will be tracked. You will build a portfolio showing your work-based evidence.

Auction Mart
Study Location
18 Months - 2 Years
depending on Level
Level 3
Qualification Level
Some College attendance required
College Attendance

Entry Requirements

  • Ideally, you will have 3 GCSEs grade 9-3 including English & maths or equivalent
    Those without English or maths at Level 2 must achieve this prior to taking the end-point assessment
  • Level 2 Apprenticeship General Farm Worker or equivalent
  • Employment in the industry with adequate experience

What you will study

  • Biosecurity
  • Animal Welfare
  • Risk assessment
  • Movement of livestock
  • Operating mechanical vehicles
  • Methods of service to aid conception
  • Monitor and maintain health & welfare of livestock
  • Monitor the quantity and quality of grass and forage crops
  • Load, unload and complete paperwork for transportation
  • Produce products for sale from the business
  • Teamwork
  • Customer focussed
  • Clear and effective communicator
  • Adaptable to change
  • Give and receive information timely and accurately
  • Emergency First Aid at Work – 1 day
  • Safe Use of Pesticides – 1 day
  • Safe Use of Veterinary Medicines

What's Next?


  • Head Shepard
  • Head Stockperson
  • Herd Manager
  • Unit Manger
  • Flock Manager
To apply for an Apprenticeship, please complete the online application form and our Apprenticeship Team will contact you to arrange an interview.
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