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Air Transport Management BSc (Hons) (Top-up)

The Aviation Academy
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1 Year (FT)
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Hull University
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The Air Transport Management BSc (Hons) will enable you to build on prior knowledge of the aviation sector and will develop your skills-set to critically evaluate, carry out research and explore a range of innovative and strategic tools to equip you for the fast-paced, global environment that is air transport management. Industry specialists including Leeds Bradford Airport; and Ryanair have worked with The Aviation Academy Team to ensure the course reflects current knowledge and best practice in the air transport industry.

The teaching team at The Aviation Academy have professional experience and backgrounds in business and aviation; they deliver a range of modules that will prepare you for 21st century leadership and management roles.

Entry Requirements

  • 240 credits from Aviation Management & Operations – Pilot Studies FdSc or Aviation Management & Operations FdSc or other Level 5 qualification in a relevant subject area
  • Clear Disclosure Scotland or DBS check

What you will study

  • Innovation & Change Management in Aviation will enable you to be creative by completing a SWOT on an organisation to find an innovative product or service and then manage the process of the change. Assessed by a group presentation and report (20 credits)
  • Critical perspectives of the Service Sector involves exploration of the macro-level, ‘big picture’ meta-narratives that will be shaping the aviation industry during your working life and is assessed by a report (20 credits)
  • Business Strategy in the Aviation Industry will involve you choosing an aviation-related business of your choice, using strategic management tools to critically analyse its current strategy from multiple different angles, and then propose a new and improved strategy going forward. Assessed by a report (20 credits)
  • Disaster Management in the Air Transport Industry. Managing aviation disasters is of paramount importance. After critically evaluating historic disasters, you will be placed in management teams where you have to deal with an unfurling disaster. Assessed by a case study, mock emergency exercise and reflective report (20 credits)
  • Dissertation is the culmination of your academic and research skills. You will choose an area of interest which relates to your academic reading or part-time job, if in industry. Assessed by the dissertation report  (40 credits)

You will receive feedback on your formal assessments within four working weeks of the submission date.  You must receive a pass mark of 40 or above in all modules to achieve the BSc (Hons) Degree.  Your overall grade for the course and your BSc (Hons) Degree classification are based on the marks obtained for all modules. More information can be found here: Student Information > Regulations

How you will study...

Teaching and learning will take place through a combination of lectures and seminars providing an opportunity to share knowledge and experience and providing a forum for discussion, debate and exploration of issues. In addition to timetabled sessions, 10-12 hours of personal study will be required each week. You will be expected to become resourceful and entrepreneurial and to take responsibility for your own learning. Independent research, reporting on your own reading, one-to-one guidance and small group discussion will help you progress. Your independent study is supported by the Learning Hubs at the Aviation Academy and Aireville Campus, in addition to the College’s Specialist Support Centre. Average class sizes for HE courses are usually between 6 and 15 students.

What's Next?

Further Study

  • Air Transport Management MSc
  • International Management in Aviation MSc
  • Commercial Aviation MSc
  • Post-graduate Degree


  • Graduate Schemes – British Airways, EasyJet,
  • Aviation Management
  • Air Transportation
To apply for a full-time higher education programme, please apply via UCAS.
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