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Applied Science focuses on the practical side of science rather than the theoretical side, solving and improving real-world problems and challenges. By studying Applied science, you can bridge the gap between theory and practice, gaining the skills and expertise needed to solve practical challenges in various fields.

Studying science will give you a broader understanding of the world around you and equip you with a solid foundation to move on to university to study medical sciences, health sciences, natural and environmental sciences.

You will undertake experimental laboratory work in our outstanding, fully equipped science laboratory facilities and benefit from visits to specialist laboratories and guest speakers from key scientific backgrounds, as well as access to scientific journals and research materials.

Our highly qualified tutors, with industry backgrounds in forensics and science, add another dimension to your studies.

Average Salary
Lab Technicians, Biomedical Scientists
Suggested Occupations
Industry Growth
Applied ScienceLevel 3
Forensics - IntroductionThu 16 January 2025
Healthcare Science - Assisting with Healthcare Science T Level New CourseLevel 3
Access to Higher Education
Access to HE Diploma - Health Professions (Biology and Chemistry) (19+)Level 3
Access to HE Diploma - Health Professions (Biology and Psychology) (19+)Level 3
Access to HE Diploma - Social Science (19+)Level 3
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