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Access to HE (19+)

Access to HE (19+) Virtual Tour

If you are aged 19 or older and looking for an alternative route of study to get back into education to prepare for university or professional training, then the Access to HE course will allow you to progress with like-minded people in a mature and professional environment.

We support mature students with few formal qualifications but with life experience, and help to create pathways to life-changing opportunities. Many adults have the potential and ability to study for a Degree or professional qualification but have been unable to do so because their education was disrupted due to family, financial, social or personal circumstances. You will be given support and guidance throughout the UCAS application process so that when you have completed the course you are able to fast track straight onto your chosen Degree.

Unsure which course is for you, but know which career you want, click one of the areas below:

Sociology  |  Psychology  |  Primary Teaching  |  Social Policy  |  Criminology Childhood Studies  |  Education  |  Mental Health Nursing  |  Economics  |  Computer Science  |  Marketing  |  Business Studies  |  Childhood Learning & Development  |  Counselling  |  Psychotherapy  |  Nursing  |  Midwifery  |  Radiography  |  Physiotherapy  |  Occupational Therapy  |  Sports Therapy/Science  |  Dental Health & Hygiene  |  Paramedic Science  |  Operational Department Practice (Theatre Management)  | Pharmacy  |  Optometry  |  Forensic Science  |  Biomedical Science  |  Chemistry (Industrial, Pure, Analytic, Bio)  |  Health Care Science  |  Environmental Science  |  Geology  |   Dietetics  |  Nutritional Therapy  |  Vet Nursing  |  Animal Science/Studies  |  Biology  |  Genetics

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Access to HE
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