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Performing Arts

Performing arts is a rewarding but challenging career path that requires passion and commitment, but you will enjoy the results as you share your stories, feelings and roles with the audience.

You will learn in a friendly and creative environment and explore different aspects of performing arts such as acting, dance, musical theatre, choreography and expressive arts, to develop a wide range of skills. As a performer, you will participate in various public shows around the area including the National Theatre’s Connections – a youth drama festival that can lead to performing at the National Theatre on London’s South Bank.

We are also a partner institution of Screen Yorkshire’s ground-breaking Connected Campus initiative that forges closer links between TV and Film professionals, production companies, broadcasters and the students trying to break into this competitive industry. Connected Campus ensures that students on a variety of vocational Film and TV-related courses are fully equipped for the demands of a contemporary, rapidly-changing industry – and that the region’s workforce is the most talented, versatile and best-prepared in the UK. As part of this initiative you’ll have access to bootcamps, masterclasses and visits to sets and studios, as well as guest speakers who are experts in their field.

Average Salary
Actor, Director, Presenter
Suggested Occupation
Industry Growth
Performing ArtsLevel 2, Level 3
Degrees & Higher Levels
Performing Arts (Acting) HNCLevel 4
Performing Arts (Acting) HNDLevel 5
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