School Leavers Enrolment - Public Services

Public Services courses start W/C 02 September 2019. You will be required to undertake some practical initial assessments during the first week.

Trips and visits

During the academic year, Public Service students will have the opportunity to go on a number of trips and visits as part of their course. We ask that all students pay a £50 contribution towards these trips. This does not include overseas residentials.

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New York Trip

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NCS Trip

You are about to enrol on a course at Craven College who have chosen to work with the National Citizen Service (NCS) as part of their curriculum. NCS is a great way for you to develop the skills you will need in life and will help you stand out when applying for university or a job.

What is NCS?
NCS is an amazing experience in which more than 400,000 young people have participated so far. NCS, for your course, will take place in the autumn of 2019 and is broken down as follows;

  • Phase 1 Adventure – This is a residential, (3 nights, 4 days) from Monday 04 – Thursday 07 November and takes place at an outdoor activity centre. It is a chance for your team to meet each other and take part in some amazing activities like rock climbing, kayaking and abseiling
  • Phase 2 Discovery – This is non-residential (4 days) from Monday 11 – Thursday 14 November and is delivered in the local area at Craven College. Here your team will develop skills for the world of work and for life, such as confidence, leadership and communication. Reflecting on these new experiences you will learn to apply them to the world of work and design your own social action project
  • Phase 3 Make Your Mark – You have to deliver 30 hours over 28 days (non-residential). You will use the tools, opportunities and respect you’ve gained on the programme to change the world around you by delivering your own social action project in your local community. This will happen over the 5 weeks after you have finished phase 2, on each Friday of the term (15, 22, 29 November, 06, 13 December) through College, with the support of your Team Leader
  • Graduate – After you have completed your social action project you’ll get the chance to celebrate what everyone has achieved on your NCS journey and for family and friends to come together to mark this important rite of passage. This will take place Wednesday 18 December, 6pm-8pm

Why do NCS?

  • It is part of the Public Services and Health and Social Care courses
  • NCS looks good on UCAS statements and CVs
  • NCS will help you develop the skills employers want
  • NCS gives you a chance to meet lots of new people and bond with your new course mates
  • NCS helps you be heard in your local community

How much will it cost?

NCS costs over £1,500 per place to run, however, the vast majority of this is covered by government funding. As such, NCS will only cost you a maximum of £50. This covers everything whilst you’re on NCS; food, accommodation and activities.

As the College is supporting NCS and this is part of your course, every young person on Public Services and Health & Social Care courses will have the opportunity to get their place at a further discounted price of just £25! Return the slip on the next page with cash or cheque (payable to UFA) for £25 at enrolment. There are also bursaries available for students receiving free school meals – please speak to an NCS representative at enrolment for further details.

If you would like any other information about the NCS programme please call our head office on 0121 766 1303 or email Alternatively, you can speak to the NCS team at enrollment in August or your College tutors.
NCS will be coming into College to a tutorial to give you more information in September. There will also be an Information Evening on Wednesday 16 October at Craven College from 6pm-7pm which you can come along to in order to find out all the details ready to go along with receiving a welcome pack with full details closer to the ‘kick-off’. We truly see the value in NCS and hope you do too.

What happens next

You need to complete the form below and put £25 cash or cheque in an envelope and then bring it back to NCS at College enrolment on the 22 or 23 August (depending on what slot you have been given by the College), NCS will be in the Café and your course tutors will point you to where we are.

We will be in touch after you have handed your pack in at enrolment to confirm receipt of your slip and payment and to confirm your place on the programme.

National Citizen Service

NCS Form

Open Evening – Skipton
27 January 2020
17:30 - 19:30
Open Evening – Aviation Academy
29 January 2020
17:30 - 19:30
Apprenticeship Parents’ Information Evening
06 February 2020
18:00 - 20:00
Little Shop of Horrors
07 February 2020
08 February 2020