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Join our Esports course, with a brand new Esports Studio complete with gaming chairs, and forge a cutting-edge career in this highly lucrative, relatively new and exciting industry which has attracted investment from high-profile people such as David Beckham, Michael Jordan and Jennifer Lopez! Esports is the 2nd fastest growing entertainment and media sector in the UK (21% on year) and is predicted to reach £48 million by 2022.

The course will set you up for a choice between going to university or getting straight into a job with international potential. You will study gaming in all its forms as well as health and fitness within the industry. You will also understand the positive benefits of eSports which include the development of teamwork, communication, leadership skills, confidence building, decision-making, reaction times, reading comprehension skills, cyber skills, dexterity and concentration.

The career potential from this course is massive – Esports Player, Team Coach, Events Organiser, Shoutcaster and Presenter, Social Influencer, Video Production Editor, Photographer, Data Analyst, Cyber Security Software Development, Big Data & Analytics Cloud Solutions, Network Engineering, Mobile Technologies, Digital Engineering, Artificial Intelligence UI / UX Design, Network Management and Virtual Reality Software Engineering.

Esports offers a unique opportunity to study a sector that crosses over multiple subject areas, for example; Business, Creatives, Marketing, IT, Enterprise, Sport.
It provides an opportunity for the alignment of social, physical, mental and financial skills into one qualification to deepen and expand learning. These are skills that are highly valued in the changing and fluid workplace. Students must apply strategy, skill and teamwork to be successful.

Core subjects include; live-streamed broadcasting, video production, shoutcasting, coaching, computer networking, events management, enterprise and entrepreneurship, strategy and analysis, the law and legislation, health and wellbeing.

Aireville Campus
Study Location
1-2 Years
depending on Level
How your qualification is made up

Entry Requirements

  • Level 3 – 5 GCSEs grade 9-4 or equivalent including English GCSE grade 9-4
  • Level 2 – 4 GCSEs grade 9-3 or equivalent including English & maths GCSEs grade 9-3

What you will study

  • Esports Business
  • Practical Gaming
  • Esports Tournament Organisation
  • Gaming Citizenship
  • Coaching, Health & Fitness
  • Enterprise and Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Esports Industry Knowledge
  • Esports Tournament Organisation
  • Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
  • Esports Skills, Strategy & Analysis
  • Health, Wellbeing & Fitness for Esports Players
  • Live-Streamed Broadcasting
  • Producing an Esports Brand
  • Shoutcasting
  • Esports Events
  • Esports Coaching
  • Psychology for Esports Performance
  • Nutrition for Esports Performance
  • Ethical & Current Issues in Esports
  • Launching your eSports Enterprise
  • Business Applications of Esports in Social Media
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Sport
  • Sports & Esports Law & Legislation
  • Video Production
  • Games Design

What's Next?

Further Study

  • Esports BA (Hons)


  • Professional Player
  • Shoutcaster
  • Team Manager
  • Tournament Admin/Referee
  • Content Creator
  • Social Media Manager
Select your preferred study programme (subject). You can make 2 choices now and make a final decision in June. We will give you a conditional offer based on your predicted/actual GCSEs.
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