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Queen Elizabeth II, 1926-2022

The Queen

Following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II we opened up a book of condolences to our Craven College community. Your comments will be shared amongst our college community and will be made into a Book of Condolence.

This has now closed.

65 messages

  1. Beth : It so sad she did what she wanted to and severed the whole country
    She did amazing and she will be missed from everyone RIP the queen

  2. Sophie longfoot says:

    Sophie longfoot : The Queen saved so many people lives in the world including soldiers serving our country. She had a very kind heart to everyone

  3. Grace horsley says:

    Grace horsley: Thank you your majesty for everything you did for everyone especially for me with my rda and girlguiding

  4. Edward Bouch says:

    Edward Bouch : RIP, to HRH Queen Elizabeth II. May she rest in peace, she has been a wonderful and exceptional lady of the UK and the commonwealth. A kind and respectful person with a great sense of humour. Everyone will miss you, you have done so much for us all. I send my condolences to her family and friends. Sleep well Liz. ❤️

  5. Katie Brotherrton says:

    Katie Brotherrton: Even though i have never met the queen, i have always admired her. She has been through so much and still managed to face the world with a smile on her face. She will be missed by not only her family and friends but also the world. Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth II.

  6. Ben Newton says:

    Ben Newton: Rest in peace. Thank you for your service to our country

  7. Charlotte Holden keegan says:

    Charlotte Holden keegan : RIP Majesty queen 👸
    You made such an impact on the whole world and gave us so much whilst you reigned now it’s your time to rest🥹and let us give you something back – respect!❤️

  8. Angela Richmond says:

    Angela Richmond: Your Majesty, you have been a faithful servant during your reign and for that we are grateful. You are now reunited with your Strength and Stay and earned your place in the house of the Lord. RIP your Majesty.

  9. Pia Sahi: A wonderful life well lived,loved and cherished. 🙏 🕊 RIP

  10. Louella Stewart says:

    Louella Stewart : God save the Queen

  11. Barney Street says:

    Barney Street : You were the longest serving monarch of our country for 70 years – I will miss you 🇬🇧 and you can join your husband in heaven 👼 rest in peace 🙏

  12. Hayden Abbey says:

    Hayden Abbey: RIP Queen Elizabeth Thank you for your duty. You can now sleep well and you are reunited with Phillip.

  13. Harry Mitchell says:

    Harry Mitchell: HRH the queen did so much for this country. She gave us hope, confidence and peace. She kept us going through tough times and she was a respectful lady and came with a great sense of humour. HM will be missed by countless people across the globe and by her family and close friends and will never be forgotten as an exceptional and inspirational leader. I send my condolences to her family and friends. Rest in peace HRH the queen ❤

  14. Jasmine Marion says:

    Jasmine Marion : Rest in peace your majesty ❤️ You will always be the best reigning royalty. Your legacy will live on forever, thank you for service to our country and for inspiring others to fight for what is right.
    My mum met you in the late 80s while in the army and told me how lovely you were even if she couldn’t get to talk to you much.
    Say hello to Diana, Margaret and Philip for us 🙏🏽

  15. Simon King says:

    Simon King: Your Majesty, Our Queen.

    Words cannot express the hole you have left in so many peoples hearts, not just here in Great Britain, but across the Commonwealth, across the World. You have been the constant that never changed throughout our lifetime and many generations before…..
    A true Leader in every sense of the word. You were selfless in everything you did, with much honesty & integrity. Above all you had commitment, passion & determination. Not just towards the British people but to mankind all across the Globe!
    It was the biggest honour of my life telling people I served Queen & Country. Wherever I served across the Globe, everything was for Queen then Country.

    RIP now Maam, your duty is done.

    Enjoy the next chapter of your life with Phillip back by your side

    Thank you for your service and everything you have done

  16. Tintu Joseph says:

    Tintu Joseph: The Queen was an eminent personality and a wonderful human being. She is loved not only in United Kingdom but outside the world as well. Res in peace 🙏

  17. Catherine Lawson says:

    Catherine Lawson: A true leader, gracious, honest and inspirational. God save the Queen.

  18. Angela Crabtree says:

    Angela Crabtree: Goodnight your majesty. You have been such an inspiration in ways none of us knew until you were gone from our lives. You were the glue of the country, you are part of who we are and always will be. As a British national who spent their childhood abroad, I cannot tell you the pride I felt because you were my Queen. This Kingdom you United with grace and yes, with pomp and ceremony. But that is our heritage, our history, our past and you kept that well. Without our heritage we would just be a small island off the western edge of Europe. We are so much more than that. And we have you to thank. Thank you and God Bless your Royal Highness. You have left us in good hands.

  19. Jane Harper-Hogan says:

    Jane Harper-Hogan : The sad passing of our Queen, a beautiful person inside and out who never shied from her work as our Monarch. I trust you are at piece with your beloved Philip.

  20. Billie-Jo Greenwood says:

    Billie-Jo Greenwood: R.I.P to HRH queen Elizabeth II , thank you for all that you have done for our country, may you now rest in peace up there with your beloved Prince Phillip. 💔🕊

  21. Armaan ali says:

    Armaan ali: Rest in peace lizzy only woman I ever chased she looked pretty in purple but prettier in pink 🪦💔

  22. Jemma Crozier says:

    Jemma Crozier: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was more than a monarch. HRH embodied Steadfast love, pride, dignity, and loyalty.
    Her unwavering sense of duty is to be applauded. A truly remarkable lady and Queen. Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England, a lifetime of service and grace – thank you.
    Luke 2:29
    29 “Lord, now you are letting your servant depart in peace,”

  23. Susan Hargreaves says:

    Susan Hargreaves : In times of darkness, love sees…
    In times of silence, love hears…
    In times of doubt, love hopes…
    In times of sorrow, love heals…
    And in all times, love remembers.
    We will always remember HRH Queen Elizabeth 11…our beloved Queen. RIP 🇬🇧

  24. Joanna Baxter says:

    Joanna Baxter: Your Majesty. What an amazing life you have had, and words are not enough to express our gratitude for your service through your long life. You have always remained loyal, committed, determined and true to our Country. An inspirational leader and of course passionate about your horses, ponies, and equestrianism, in which your held so dear to your heart. Thank you rest in peace.

  25. Daisy Pitcher says:

    Daisy Pitcher: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – a considered, devoted human who was not only a record-breaker, but a mother, a grandmother, a great grandmother, a relative. She served as vowed, through good times, and through tough times, she served, did her duty.

    HM will be greatly respected for said duty, and will be sorely missed.

    Rest and Remembered in Peace, Her Majesty the Queen.

  26. Katie DAWSON-BOOTH says:

    Katie DAWSON-BOOTH: It was very sad because she helped so many people. Thanks for everything. RIP my Queen.

  27. Jill Osborne says:

    Jill Osborne: Such a sad occasion we knew one day would arrive and yet not necessarily emotionally prepared for. Through all the years of my life, you were one of the unique calming strengths that remain. Thankyou for all the years service you have given. A truly dedicated unique monarch. RIP your majesty. xx

  28. Jacquie Brown says:

    Jacquie Brown: Thank you for your dedication to the nation, commonwealth and the world. You have been an inspiration to so many.
    You can now join your beloved Prince Philip.
    RIP Queen Elizabeth 11.

  29. Sameer: Thank you queen for everything

  30. Lindsey Johnson says:

    Lindsey Johnson: Your Majesty, you have been ever present throughout my life. A constant entity, a cornerstone of all civic process and the protector of our democracy. You have ruled our country with such grace and humility, and we are indebted to you for the selflessness of your service. You have presided over your people for over 70 years and created for us a sense of belonging. I am privileged to have met you in person, and to have had that insight into a monarch who is warm, friendly and very much in touch with people from all cultures and nations. Rest in peace Ma’am. Forever in my heart. ❤️

  31. Becca Dobson says:

    Becca Dobson: Rest in pease Your Majesty❤️ You were a very powerful women with yet such a gentle soul. You touched hearts of millions and we are all deeply appreciative of your service. Now it’s your time to rest with Prince Philip. Sleep well❤️🕊

  32. Holly Atkinson says:

    Holly Atkinson: You were such a fantastic woman. Thank you for everything you did, you were such a big inspiration to everybody. May you rest in peace <3

  33. Sandra Richardson says:

    Sandra Richardson: What a great loss to the world. She will be missed by so many. RIP

  34. Mckenzie Palfreyman says:

    Mckenzie Palfreyman: Thank you for your service, Not only was she a role model, she stuck with us through Thick and thin.

  35. Brooke Palfreyman says:

    Brooke Palfreyman : RIP our Queen. She will be talked about for generations to come!!! 💂‍♀️👸👸

  36. Amanda ball says:

    Amanda ball: RIP your Majesty. You have been the most incredible Queen, serving the country with grace and dignity for so many years. Thank you

  37. Joe Hiward says:

    Joe Hiward: We as a country lost remarkable Queen who always put devotion and commitment to our country. I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for serving our country through hard times and good times.

    You will be sadly missed my thought and prayers go to your family.

  38. Gary Marlow says:

    Gary Marlow: Your majesty you never knew me I was just one of the tens of thousands of men and women who signed that big check payable to Queen and Country in an amount up and including my/our life.
    Personally I was and still am proud of my service, proud to have served such a shining example of devotion and service such as yourself and I would do it all again.
    It is with a very heavy heart that I truly hope you are now reunited with Phillip who for so long was your rock and who you missed so obviously since his death.
    Speaking for myself you were and always will be “The Boss” and a shining light of an example of how to serve your subjects has gone out and the world is a much dimmer place without it.
    To paraphrase our traditional goodbye by the Royal Navy…
    “Fair winds and following seas weary traveller your duty is done, lay down your head and rest”

  39. Kevin Wilcock says:

    Kevin Wilcock: Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth 11, you have done so much for the UK and the commonwealth. I had the pleasure of meeting you on a college visit and your presence was welcomed by all, amazing Queen, honest and an inspirational and loving individual who will be sadly missed.

  40. Yesmien Bagh Ali says:

    Yesmien Bagh Ali: Our Queen Elizabeth 11 was truly inspirational woman, kind human sharing her beautiful smile with us all. The Queen was definitely our rock. R.I.P . My condolences to all the family.. Thank you our beloved Queen for everything you did for us.

  41. James Simpkin says:

    James Simpkin: Your Majesty, thank you for carrying out your duty by being an excellent constitutional monarch.

  42. Lenny O’Grady says:

    Lenny O’Grady: It was so sad to hear the news about your passing… I know everyone is so great full for everything you have done for us especially in the uk. I hope your in a better place now and can finally rest, Thank you for your amazing service 💗

  43. Steve Syers says:

    Steve Syers: RIP Queen Elizabeth and thank you for your incredible dedication you have shown over your lifetime, you will be sadly missed

  44. Atiya Mumtaz says:

    Atiya Mumtaz : HRH queen elizebeth II was an amazing women who served the country for seventy years she became queen when she was only 26 years old. my condolences go to the queens’ family and friends.

  45. lewis hairyes says:

    lewis hairyes: thankyou so much for devoting 70 years of your life to us. Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth and thank you for your service

  46. Alfie reyner says:

    Alfie reyner : The queen did everything she could for us and now she can finally rest. Even in the end she was the best choice of reigning monarch god rest the queen

  47. Peter Face says:

    Peter Face: You unselfishly dedicated your life to the people of the United Kingdom and beyond. You will be greatly missed by us all. Rest in Peace.

  48. Cloudy Morgan says:

    Cloudy Morgan: RIP Queen Elizabeth II, you truly were a great monarch.

  49. Katie DAWSON-BOOTH says:

    Katie DAWSON-BOOTH: I will miss the Queen so much. RIP my Queen but it makes me sad that she had to died but it had to happen at some point. I was very upset when it happen.

  50. Alice Hewitson says:

    Alice Hewitson: The Queen helped so many people for 70 years and she supported more than 600 charities in the UK.

  51. Daisy McGee says:

    Daisy McGee: Rip your majesty 🙁

  52. Mandy Taylor says:

    Mandy Taylor: My thoughts and prayers are with all the Royal family on the death of their mother/grandparent and our Queen. Such a wonderful lady who has been the rock and the constant for our Country for 70 years. God bless her and her family at this sad time.

  53. zeyan hussain says:

    zeyan hussain: Bye my Queen

  54. Saddiqur Rahman Faheem says:

    Saddiqur Rahman Faheem: The Queen’s death truly shattered my heart and left me devastated. RIP Lizzy

  55. Armaan Rashid says:

    Armaan Rashid: Bye my beloved queen

  56. charlie s says:

    charlie s: sending my condolences to the royal family and a massive thanks for her incredible service over the years x

  57. Andrew Messenger says:

    Andrew Messenger : Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,
    It was both an honour and a privilege to have met you many years ago. I have always had the upmost admiration for you and the lifetime of service dedicated to our country and member’s of the commonwealth.
    I will miss your presence and infectious smile. Many of us will be able to take away our memories of you and keep them safe in our hearts forever.
    I thank you and send my deepest condolences to your family. Each day in the news we are reminded of your commitment and promise to reigning as our monarch and admire and respect our new King, Charles III as now proclaimed monarch.
    You are now at rest with your dear Phillip. Goodnight and God bless.

  58. Patricia Joan Taylor says:

    Patricia Joan Taylor : You served your country for 70 + years now go and be with your beloved Husband
    You have never faltered in all this time , you served us with grace and dignity
    God Bless you Your Majesty
    Thank you for everything
    Rest in Peace

  59. Catherine Jackson says:

    Catherine Jackson: Deeply saddened by the passing of MH Queen Elizabeth II. Thank you for over 70 years of dedicated service to our Country, the Commonwealth and the world! Always dignified, always present and always serving. Rest in peace.

  60. clare shevelan says:

    clare shevelan: An amazing lady who achieved so much in her lifetime, she was encouraging to everyone, working without complaint for the good of all people around the world. We can all learn something from her dedication and calm manner in todays hectic world. Rest in peace.

  61. Dora Odida says:

    Dora Odida: Her Majesty the Queen was a very dignified and wise lady who was well known throughout the Commonwealth. In a little rural village in Tooro District, western Uganda, on the foothills of Mount Ruwenzori, my grandparents had a framed photograph of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth centred on the wall of their small living room. Each time we visited as children, my grandfather would always ask my parents on any news about Queen Elizabeth and it would amuse me to hear him ask these questions! Now after all these years, I know why! She was a truly amazing world leader. Thank you Your Majesty for all you did for the Commonwealth. Rest in eternal peace Your Majesty.

  62. Natalie pickles says:

    Natalie pickles: RIP your majesty 🥺
    You gave so much love and affection
    You were so loved and will always be loved ❤❤x

  63. Armaan Rashid says:

    Armaan Rashid: Love You Lizzy😍😍😍❤️

  64. ian maltby says:

    ian maltby: RIP your majesty, you have served your Country and Commonwealth well, you will live on in all of our hearts

  65. Holly: rip lizzy youll be missed in our hearts, part of my soul was lost that day and will never be found <3

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