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Let’s Go and Fly a Kite

Published 08 September
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During this summer our key workers from the Positive Progressions project at Craven College enjoyed two days of kite making to celebrate our diverse community in Craven. 

The Positive Progression team organised a family fun day to support inclusivity and a shared creative experience together. The event was based around a kite-making session, run by Alan Poxon, at Skipton Town Hall followed by a story at Skipton Library and kite flying with picnic at Aireville Park.

The kite-making workshops gave families an opportunity to celebrate each other by connecting those that have lived in Craven for many years and new families who have recently moved into the area. This encouraged the families to learn together and also develop an understanding of other cultures and communities within Craven. 

During August, Pakistan and India marked the 75th year of independence, where kite flying is part of their culture. The workshops are an opportunity to understand, share and celebrate the tradition of kite flying across the world. 

Yesmien Bagh Ali, a Positive Progression keyworker said “This event is about giving opportunities to existing participants and families in the community, to experience a positive learning environment through fun creative activities. It is also one year since the fall of Kabul, and we wanted to celebrate the Afghanistan culture of kite making in solidarity with the Afghanistan people.” 

Some families extended their support by joining the ‘Fly with Me’ – International kite flying event. 

The workshops were a great success and an opportunity to show how we welcome and support all people in our community, no matter what their journey.

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