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Graduation 2022

Published 10 October
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The class of 2022, who had studied most of the duration of their degrees during covid lockdowns and via remote learning, celebrated their hard work and determination along with family, friends and VIP guests of the College at the beautiful locations of Skipton Castle and Holy Trinity Church.

Principal and CEO of Craven College Lindsey Johnson addressed attendees and firstly spoke of the recent passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and reflected on the Queen’s monumental life and reign. Lindsey referred to a quote by the Queen in 1992, “I think training is the answer to a great many things. You can do a lot if you are properly trained and I hope I have been.”

Lindsey spoke to the graduates, congratulating them on their well-deserved achievements through what had been a difficult time to study and said, “I hope, that as you progress to the next stage of your career, you can look back and appreciate that you too have been ‘properly trained’. That you can embrace and even spearhead change. And that you find the strength and resilience to realise your dreams through your endeavours.”

The special guest speaker in attendance was Danielle Brown MBE. Danielle is a double Olympic Gold medallist in archery and the first Paralympian to represent Team England at an able-bodied event at the Commonwealth Games in 2010 in Delhi. She has now retired from sport and is carving a career as a motivational speaker and children’s author. Danielle was born in Lothersdale, and was educated at Glusburn Community Primary School and South Craven School and she has represented Team GB at four World Championships and two Paralympics.

She spoke to the graduates saying “I want to share three important messages. Firstly, invest in yourself; investing in yourself will really help propel you forward. Secondly, invest in other people; build those relationships and networks along your journey. Thirdly, take note of the tiny positive actions you make. It might not seem like you’re progressing but by focussing on those small actions, they’ll eventually add up. They’ll contribute to you going in the right direction.”

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