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Stacie’s Success Story | Student Support

My learning journey started from being on job seeker’s allowance and struggling to find work. My job centre advisor suggested attending college as I hadn’t done very well in my GCSE’s. I took the step to enrol on the Gateway to progression course to help me gain more qualifications. When I was first started I was anxious but as I settled in I got to know people really quickly. People on my course always came to me for help with their work and their problems, this is when I realised I wanted a job where I could help people. College facilitated a work placement at Sue Ryder charity shop which I really enjoyed and continued to stay voluntarily for the next 5 years.

After I finished Gateway I took a couple of years out of college after which I enrolled onto Level 1 health and social care with the help of my social worker. My social worker at the time thought it would be good for me to enrol onto a course to help with my anxiety after a recent death in the family. I enjoyed the course that much that once I had finished my level 1 I then went on to do my level 2 in Health and social care. I struggled at first with the level 2 but as I got more comfortable I breezed the course getting distinctions on all my assignments. During this time, I also completed my GCSE maths and level 2 English which is something I never thought I could ever do. I was encouraged by my tutors and specialist support to apply for my level 3 which I did. I have done extremely well on the level 3 course despite another death in the family and exceeded the expectations of myself and those around me. Although I have found the work challenging at times, with the support from the tutors and support staff both emotionally and academically I managed to achieve a distinction overall in my first year and the course has given me a lot of knowledge about my chosen area.

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