Graffiti Workshop with Street Artist George Banks

Ex Art & Design student, George Banks, contacted Craven College asking if he could do a Graffiti workshop session with some students. Fashion Year 1 & 2 students were very keen to learn from him about his Graphic skills and techniques for their final major project idea development. George visited the College on Thursday 03 May 2018 and demonstrated different ways of mark making and drawing using different nozzles on the spray cans provided by his sponsor, The Guardian.

In the morning the students were working on fabric outside and by the afternoon, the College Construction department asked if they would like to use the newly plastered and dried walls to further explore image making and colour effects.
George gave a historic and cultural background to Graffiti and the benefits of bringing lively colourful images to many public spaces and community buildings throughout the world. He says the positive impact of Graffiti is making badly run down spaces, into creative meeting places. He described the variety of mark making techniques used in different countries and how there are artists to suit different types of public spaces. These graphic artists have different stories and messages to tell through their work and many artists have built recognised styles & signatures.

He also talked about his own business in London and abroad, and over the last few years he has been commissioned to do his work at Paris Fashion Week venues as well as spaces in Berlin and further afield. He gave us a range of books and materials to continue to develop new ideas.

Tutor, Joan Murray, says ‘It was very inspiring and enlivening for the Fashion students and since the Year 1 students are also embarking on a final project for the summer term, we have set a project that links with the workshop imagery to traditional and non traditional pattern cutting.’

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