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Project Factsheet

Positive Progressions is a project which is part of the Building Better Opportunities programme, funded by the Big Lottery and the European Social Fund. The project will be delivered in Selby, Craven, Harrogate & York, focussing on deprived neighbourhoods and rurally isolated villages. The aim is to ‘connect' with community members who are furthest away from work and training. The project will support individuals within families who are at risk of social isolation to increase their resilience and ability to support themselves and their families through a range of tailored support.

The project will provide mentoring and support around health, finances and skills to 130 of the most disadvantaged individuals and families in the community experiencing a range of complex challenges. Through the project, we will support economically inactive or unemployed individuals to overcome barriers and move closer towards employment, as well as addressing a range of social issues such as poverty and social exclusion. The participants will benefit from increased skills, confidence and resilience.


There various partners involved in the Positive Progressions project:

The support is provided through Keyworkers and Intervention Partners.


Positive Progressions has a number of fundamental aims:


How Does Positive Progressions work?
Long-term mentoring support from Keyworkers and specific intervention activities from Intervention Partners will enable individuals to overcome barriers and move closer to job-search, training, education and employment.


The Positive Progressions delivery model is:
Key Workers will be the main point of contact for participants throughout the project and will provide initial engagement, assessment and ongoing support.
Specific project activities will include:

Intervention Partners will provide a range of activities which may include:

Who is eligible to take part in the Project?
Someone is eligible to access support if:

How do I refer a participant?
If you are aware of a person who might benefit from the Positive Progressions Project, please contact:

Craven, Harrogate, York and Selby areas - contact 01756 693 309 or email:

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