Study Support

At Craven College we aim to make sure you achieve your potential by helping and supporting you throughout your time here.

Impartial careers advice and guidance

Learner support including specialist support workshops

Student mentors to work with you and support you

A confidential counselling service

One to one and group support across all campuses

A dedicated Specialist Support Centre is located on the Aireville Campus which is open between 8:30am - 5:00pm and until 8:00pm on Wednesday evenings for evening classes. These are the same opening times as the Learning Resource Centre. The Specialist Support Centre is a calm area for students away from the noise and bustle elsewhere in College where students can receive help with anything from maths and English to exam techniques to time management. Any support that students have been receiving at school will continue here at Craven College.

How do you know if you need support?

At the start of your course at Craven College you will have a short interview and assessment where we will ask you about your needs. From this we will put together an Individual Learning Plan to support you.

What can you get help with?

You can ask for help with anything at all. Most students come to us for support with English and maths but vocational subjects are covered too. You do not need an appointment - just drop-in and see us.

We offer support to students with special educational needs or learning difficulties or disabilities including:

  • Dyslexia
  • Dyspraxia
  • Dyscalculia
  • Autism
  • Speech and Language issues

All our support assistants are qualified teachers. We have two specialist support workers for autistic learners alongside a Speech and Language Therapist. We are able to help with assistive technologies including Read & Write Gold. We also offer lots of support at exam time, including organising exam readers, assistive technology and exam access arrangements - please come and see how we could help you.

How much support will you receive?

We will offer reasonable and relevant support to individuals with support needs and encourage everyone to achieve a level of independence relative to their ability. This may mean that type and level of support may change from previous experience. Appropriate support will be available for:

  • Students who, during their studies, are having difficulties in achieving learning goals
  • Students with social and emotional barriers to learning
  • Students experiencing difficulties with medical, physical, mental health or specific learning needs

Your needs will be talked through with support staff at the College during transition planning with yourself and your school, Careers Advisors and the Local Education Authority. We may also visit you at your school to see what level of support you receive there. Alternatively, you will be invited to a meeting before or after your course interview where you will meet with a College mentor who will talk through any statements you have. We will be clear about which support needs we can and cannot meet.

How will College staff support you?

The College has expertise in the following areas:

  • In-class support (guided by LDA/ SEN section 139a)
  • Mentoring
  • Counselling
  • Dyslexia and specific learning difficulties
  • Teaching and supporting students with severe and moderate learning difficulties
  • Development of individual programmes of learning and support
  • Accessibility and Inclusion
  • Study skills drop-in workshops
  • Social skills workshops

We are strong supporters of assistive and adaptive technology in helping you achieve independence. We will give you the correct training and support for this technology to help you learn.

How will College staff help your family to support your learning?

We are keen to have families involved where necessary and where a student has given consent for this to happen. We will include feedback from families in our assessment of your support needs and keep regular contact with families throughout your course where this is felt helpful to assist your learning. This contact can be through a daily diary, phone contact with support staff or tutor, or email. We will also invite your family in to regular reviews and parent and carers' evenings.

What support will there be for your overall wellbeing?

Students have access to mentoring, counselling, sexual health information and a Programme Tutor. Students with medical and personal care needs will meet with support staff to discuss these and make sure that relevant staff are aware of what these are.

Who can you contact for further information?

Before enrolment to the College you can talk to any of our Student Support Services staff, or the Student Support Services Manager 01756 708 008.

Whilst at College you can talk to Progression Support Assistants, Student Support Staff, Mentoring, Counselling Staff or the Student Support Services Manager.

How will you know how well you are doing?

At least once each half term you will talk through your progress with your Programme Tutor, and if you have them, with your Progression Support Assistant, Mentor, or Counsellor. You will review your targets and set new ones.

How will College involve you in planning your education?

The College will discuss your aspirations and wishes when planning your education with you. Your Programme Tutor will discuss next steps and the College also offers impartial advice and guidance through our Careers Service.

How will College meet your learning needs?

The College will regularly monitor, review and make changes to support if necessary, to ensure effectiveness in terms of promoting independence and progression.

How are the College’s resources allocated and matched to young people’s additional learning needs?

The College is commissioned by Local Education Authorities to provide support for students with high support needs (costing more than £6,000).

Please contact us as early as possible if you are intending to enrol at the College as we will need to talk to your local authority about your plans. Ideally, we need to speak to you 12 months before you enrol with us. However, if this is not possible then still contact the College and we will see what can be achieved.

If you have other educational statements, the College will put in place the support that has been identified on the statement if the College has the specialist staff capable of meeting your needs.

How accessible is the College environment?

Most areas in the College are now fully wheelchair accessible. We have a Changing Places facility for staff, students and the public.

How will you be included in activities outside College?

The College ensures that trips necessary for the completion of a course are accessible to students. Parents/carers and students are involved in planning activities and in some instances parents/carers are encouraged to be involved if this is appropriate.

How will you be prepared to join Craven College?

We will involve you in discussions and decisions concerning joining and progression within and after College. We will share information you have agreed to share, and our Careers Advisors, Mentors and Counsellors are available to assist transition. To prepare you for College we may offer all or some of the following:

  • Taster Days at College
  • Coffee Morning for parents and carers to discuss any concerns or worries
  • Visit to your school by tutors and/or support staff to see you in your school environment
What happens when you finish your course?

To prepare you for moving on from your course we will work with you to help you make decisions about your next move. We will support you with completing application forms and interview practice, and with your consent we will pass on information about your support needs to any new establishment.

We may arrange Taster Days again, and where necessary arrange a multi-disciplinary transition meeting to make sure any agencies who support you are working together to plan your next stage of your education and career.

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