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Psychology and Sociology A Levels have always been a strength at Craven College. We have combined them into a study programme with other popular and well-established subject areas such as Criminology, Science or Health & Social Care to create compelling and enjoyable University routes and career paths.

You would be able to access Degrees in all branches of Psychology including Child Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Global Development, Peace Studies and many more.

Career paths include all types of Nursing, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Social Work, Law, and Teaching.

Average Wages in Sector
Suggested Occupation
Future Predicted Growth
Social Psychology - Applied ScienceLevel 3
Social Psychology - CriminologyLevel 3
Social Psychology - Health & Social CareLevel 3
Mental Health First Aid - Youth - UXPKFF03Mon 28 March 2022
Mental Health First Aid (Online) - UXPKRF02Tue 15 March 2022
Unconscious Bias - UXPKRF04Wed 16 March 2022
Unconscious Bias - UXPKRF03Wed 6 July 2022
Unconscious Bias - UXPKFF12Wed 11 May 2022
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