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If understanding human nature and the science behind why we think, feel and behave the way we do, then studying A level Psychology, as part of our Social Sciences programme could be for you.

Studying psychology, you’ll gain a good understanding of different perspectives, cultural influences, and the impact of social factors on individuals. Selecting a combination of two other subjects, our Social Sciences programme will equip you in developing your critical thinking and problem skills through analysing complex information, evaluating evidence and drawing on your own conclusions.  These skills are valuable when moving on to study at degree level and into your preferred career.

Gaining a Psychology A Level will give you diverse career opportunities in areas such as counselling, social work, therapy or research, and by studying two other complementary subjects alongside, you’ll be able to branch out into other areas such as Nursing, Teaching, Politics and Law.

Our Social Sciences programme is equal to 3 A Levels and depending on your career aspirations you will select three complementing subjects from Psychology, Sociology, Criminology, Health & Social care and Science.

Average Salary
Psychologist, Psychiatrists
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Industry Growth
Social Sciences (inc. Psychology, Sociology, Science, Health & Social Care)Level 3
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