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Majella Brennan-Bargh

Lecturer in Aviation
Majella Brennan-Bargh title

My two passions are aviation and teaching. Lecturing in aviation allows me to enjoy both. I am most fulfilled in my job when I am using my skills to help others develop their potential, both personally and professionally.

My Qualifications...
  • PGCE

  • BA in Education and Profession Development

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Leadership & Management

  • MSc in Professional Practice with Educational Leadership (completion 2022)

Did you know...
  • I worked as cabin crew for almost 20 years and never had an emergency landing, however, my first and only hot air balloon flight, in Australia, ended in a crash landing in a field of cows!
  • Since lock down, on the 20 March 2020, I have walked 5K plus every day

Find out more about my areas:Aviation

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