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Printmaking – Improvers

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Select Enrolment Status Course Code Date Duration Time Location Costs
Available for enrolment UFPNAA02 Tue 25 Apr 2023 6 Weeks 18:00 - 20:30 Aireville Campus £ 108

Printmaking is a form of fine art and can include simple design work or complex intricate artwork. The course will develop your skills in printmaking methods.

Printmaking covers a variety of methods.  These include Block or Relief printing to Intaglio printing techniques.  This course will develop your skills in lino printmaking and intaglio printmaking processes.

Lino printing is a form of printmaking where the printing plate is cut and ink applied to the surface. The lino is then inked, a piece of paper placed over it, and then run through a printing press or pressure applied by hand to transfer the ink to the paper. This improver’s course will develop more complex design work and will introduce colour using the reductive method of lino printing. Intaglio is the reverse process from that of the relief print. Ink is forced into design work, which has been scratched or scored into a surface. The inked plate is then rolled through a printing press. This course will enable you to develop more complex and intricate designs using the Drypoint method.

The course will

  • Develop lino-printing skills and learn how to use colour using the reductive method
  • Develop intaglio-printing skills, creating more complex design work
  • Develop your understanding of printmaking processes
  • Develop your drawing and design work
  • Develop your knowledge of artists who work with printmaking

This course is ideal if you want to build a portfolio for further education study or develop your hobby.



All materials and equipment are provided by college and included in the course fees.

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