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ESOL – Reading (Entry 2)

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Select Enrolment Status Course Code Date Duration Time Location Costs
Call 01756 693 309 UXPPAO15 Tue 28 Mar 2023 11 Weeks 18:00 - 21:00 Aireville Campus £ 136 *
Exam: £14
* You may be eligible for fee remission on this course, if you are, you will need to send us your evidence after enrolling.

This course is for those with low level English and is that first step to improve language skills.

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) qualification supports those whose first language isn’t English, helping you gain the communication skills needed to progress in the workplace, education, and beyond.

This course will show you how to read short, straightforward texts in order to gain meaning, identify the purpose, and find information. You will be able to read texts such as public signs, notices, maps, emails, letters and diagrams.

You will gain an understanding of the main events of different text types and will use different strategies such as scanning, skimming and reading for detail to obtain information. You will understand how language and textual features are used to achieve different purposes, such as to describe, to inform, to sell, to entertain, to request action, to tell a story and to instruct.

Entry Requirements

You must have an initial assessment to ensure that they are on the correct course and the correct level.

Further Study

You can progress to higher-level ESOL qualifications or functional skills.

Part-time courses are term time only. See our term dates for further information.

Did you know that some of our courses are free if you earn less than £18,525 (£21,255 if you live in West Yorkshire, difference in qualifying earning amounts is due to local authority funding regulations). Call 01756 693 309 for further information.

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