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Virtual Talk with Owner of Wilkinson Farm Livery Yard

Published 16 March

Shelia Pilling, the owner of Wilkinson Farm Livery Yard, recently joined Equine Level 3 students to discuss the day to day running of a large DIY assisted livery yard.

Sheila spoke about the realities of looking after over 50 horses for clients interested in riding competitively and those who want to ride for pleasure. Along with other topics covered, students were amazed to learn that the horses on the yard munched their way through between 600 & 700 bales of haylage a year.

Students learnt what it takes to successfully operate a large yard in the current climate and were able to ask their questions to an industry expert.

Horse ManagementLevel 1, Level 2, Level 3
Degrees & Higher Levels
Animal Management (Equine) HNC/HNDLevel 4, Level 5
Horse Care - Introduction (Bronze) - UXPPFG03Sat 8 May 2021