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Take a maths lesson from Skye

Published 23 April
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Skye Donoghue originally enrolled at Craven College when leaving school in 2017 to study Travel and Tourism. She progressed well, and entered employment – but she still did not have her Level 2 Maths.

Fast-forward to 2020, and Skye returned to college to study the Access to HE Diploma. She had built a successful career for herself, and had superb experience in the health sector and so had decided that – like her partner Hannah – she would also like to attend university so that she could enter the NHS at graduate level. Skye made a commitment to study Physiotherapy, after working in a multi-disciplinary team at her GP surgery. However, she still did not have her Level 2 Maths.

Throughout her Access to HE Diploma, Skye has achieved distinctions, however, she has been incredibly worried that she may be unable to secure a place at university due to what she describes as her “main weakness.” This worry was highlighted when she failed to pass additional sittings of her Functional Skills Maths Level 2; despite the fact that she was slowly moving up the levels and achieving higher and higher grades. What infuriated Skye, even more, was the fact that she had received offers to study at every single university that she applied to – some with incredibly low offers! But she needed her Maths!

Tutor Phil Smith has been particularly supportive of Skye, and has been with her throughout what she calls her “maths journey.” Whilst students studying other Level 2 qualifications are largely able to access teacher assessed grades, this is not the case for Functional Skills, and so further heightened the pressure on Skye and her peers during the global pandemic. However, Craven College quickly organised a series of socially distanced examinations, and Phil Smith made sure that he was available as much as possible to provide additional support to all of his students. Skye sat her exam 4 weeks ago, and this was possibly her final chance before university.

Seventh time lucky – SHE PASSED! So, the moral of Skye’s story, is that with resilience and determination, you CAN get there. The whole team are incredibly proud of Skye, and she herself is utterly elated, whilst working on creating a new “Maths identity” for herself.

If this is you, please do not let Maths hold you back. We are offering a series of pre-September Maths sessions that can support you to develop your confidence so that you do not feel nervous to pursue your dreams. Please get in touch with our part-time department on 01756 01756 693 309 for further information.

But in the main, please can I take this opportunity to shine a light on Skye?

Skye – your resilience, determination and consistent effort is inspirational. Well done! Time to shine at university.

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