Employment as a sports coach

05 April 2018

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Sports coach and owner of Pro Skills Coaching, Mark Senior, made a visit to Sandylands Sports Centre last week where he spoke with year 1 and year 2 fitness students about the realities of breaking into industry.

Mark has worked for professional football clubs like Bradford City, Manchester United and Burnley F.C. and brings years of experience to the table when it comes to making your mark on the sporting world.

Mark spoke to students about the various career opportunities that surround sports coaching and highlighted how the marks they will receive for their courses at College and University will make a huge impact on their job prospects for the future.

The main message Mark wanted to get across was that students needed to have a strong mentality and continue to work hard. Mark told students they should look to get as many additional qualifications as possible, work with as many different people as possible and that this will then allow them to transfer these skills into a field they want to specialize in.


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