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Sound and Vision Project for Media Students

Published 28 November
Media courses

Jamie Bannister, Participation & Engagement Officer for North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) met with Craven College Media students to discuss working together with the NYCC Disability Participation Board, which is a mechanism for people with learning disabilities to work with professionals from across North Yorkshire including the council, service providers, voluntary organisations as well as family carers to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities and autism.

Self-Advocates (people with learning disabilities involved in the project) really want to let people across North Yorkshire and beyond know about the work they do and also want to influence the way people work with people with learning disabilities. They have produced a range of paper-based resources containing advice, expertise and people reflecting on their own experiences. They now want to make sure more people know about it.

Jamie says ‘This is where the Media students can be involved. How can they help the Self Advocates share that information – is it by film, podcasts, websites or more interesting printed information to reach out to a wider audience? If the audience has other disability support needs eg blindness, deafness, how do we reach out to them and make contact with them? We need to get this information out to the broadest audience possible ‘.

Course Tutor, Dr Paul Nataraj stated, ‘This is a great work experience opportunity for our students next year in creating new and exciting platforms for disabled people to tell their own stories.’

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