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Skipton – Your Gateway to the Dales

Published 28 April
Horse Management courses

Craven College Equine department was privileged to take part in the new Skipton Bid video. The two-minute promotional video has been produced to celebrate the reopening of businesses in Skipton.

It features businesses across the retail and hospitality sectors as well as market stalls, tourist attractions and Craven College as the town comes to life again after months of lockdown.

Liz Smailes, Marketing & Communications Officer at Skipton BID said, “To add to the quality of life, Skipton has some of England’s most scenic countryside and beautiful historic places to visit. This video gives a glimpse into little moments of life around Skipton, as seen through the lens of residents and local experts, giving visitors a new perspective and way of thinking about travel – a deeper cultural connection and hint of insider knowledge.”

Joanna Baxter, Head of Department, Craven College, who is featured riding through Aireville Park said, “It was great fun and a wonderful opportunity to show that we are part of the local community and to support Skipton Bid in showcasing our magnificent living and working environment.”

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