Army Joins Forces with Public Services Students

Published 02 December

Corporal Andrew Frazier, Communications Specialist, Royal Engineers, came to enlighten Craven College Public Services students about the huge amount of job opportunities (76, in fact) within the Army. He said, ‘There is a common misconception that the Army is all about Infantry. Actually, we have careers for tradespeople, engineers, vehicle mechanics, chefs, drivers, medics to name but a few. ‘

Corporal Frazier also pointed out that qualifications don’t stop on joining the Army, but your education continues throughout Army life.

What is his advice for students? ‘Complete your qualifications, do your best with maths and English (most jobs within the Army require them) and do well at College’.

The students were also able to benefit from an afternoon of teamwork and team-leading exercises which are a crucial part of Army training. Working in teams not only helps in everyday life, but in terms of going to war in the Army – keeps one another alive.


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