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Plastering Competition

Published 02 April
Construction courses

Plastering Level 1 students recently took part in a competition, putting to the test some of the skills they have learnt during their first year of study.

In 5.5 hours, the students had to fix beads, skim plasterboard, run and fix a panel mould and fix a raised panel apply some bonding plaster and cut back ready for skimming.

All the models were marked by an independent judge to a strict marking scheme.


BricklayingLevel 1, Level 2
Carpentry & JoineryLevel 1, Level 2
Construction Trades (Multi-skills)Level 1
Electrical InstallationLevel 1, Level 2, Level 3
Painting & DecoratingLevel 1, Level 2
PlasteringLevel 1, Level 2, Level 3
PlumbingLevel 1, Level 2
Bricklayer ApprenticeshipLevel 2
Carpentry & Joinery Advanced ApprenticeshipLevel 3
Carpentry & Joinery ApprenticeshipLevel 2
Painter & Decorator ApprenticeshipLevel 2
Plasterer ApprenticeshipLevel 2
Building Services Engineering - Electrotechnical Engineering T Level New CourseLevel 3
Building Services Engineering - Plumbing & Heating Engineering T Level New CourseLevel 3
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