Tin Man shows his metal at National Theatre audition

17 April 2018

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Performing Arts

Ben Wysocki, Performing Arts Level 3, recently auditioned for a much sought after place at the National Youth Theatre in London. Ben, who enjoyed success as The Tin Man in the Craven College production of the Wizard of Oz, will find out whether he has been successful next month.
Although challenging, Ben rose to the occasion and enjoyed his day. The workshop began with warm up exercises based around the game of rock, paper, scissors where losers had to become animals followed by an exercise on how to work as a chorus. The final activity was to work in a group of 6 and create a 3-5 minute drama based on one word. Ben's word was ‘cyclone' - this time he used it as a metaphor for mental health and not as a metaphor for a political whirlwind as in the Wizard of Oz.
Following an interview and a 5-10 minute monologue, Ben's day was done. We wish him all the best for his result in May.


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