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Next Steps for Media Make-up Students

Published 13 April
Media Make-up courses

Emma Richards

Emma has chosen Mother Nature and The Elements for her final project. She will be making a prosthetic inspired by dryads, creating a selection of fashion make-up with colours inspired by the elements: fire, earth, air and water

After completing her Level 3 at Craven College she plans to do further study in Media Makeup at Leicester College. Emma has chosen this course as it will give her the opportunity to further develop her skills in both fashion and prosthetic makeup.

Joshua Crossley-Foster

While studying at Craven College Joshua has learnt about colour contrast. How to make primary and secondary colours and how they can be applied in makeup.

Joshua intends to continue his study at Manchester University.

Katie Taylor

Katie’s project ‘What Lies Beneath?’ involves creating an Ice Queen inspired by filmmakers. She will do this by using fashion makeup and techniques learnt while studying at Level 3.

After finishing her Level 3 course, Katie plans to study at university to prepare her for a career in the makeup industry.


Kiara Lamiot

Kiara has chosen Mythology for her final project, a topic open to wide interpretation.

During her time at the College Kiara has learnt SFX makeup including how to create cuts and bruises, prosthetics, and headpieces. After finishing her Level 3 course Kiara plans to continue her studies at Birmingham University.

Melissa Elsworth

Before coming to Craven College Melissa had only done Instagram makeup. She now has experience in prosthetics and understands how to link makeup to unique concepts.

After college Melissa is planning to study at London College of Fashion.




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