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‘Neon Naked’ Life Drawing for Students Induction

Published 05 September
Media Make-up courses

Jylle Navarro (previously known as Jessica Hindle), an ex-student of Craven College and founder of London based ‘Neon Naked’, provided an exciting two days of workshops as part of the induction week for Creative Industries. Inspired by Jylle’s dynamic and colourful artwork, the Media Make-up and Art and Design students were invited to draw a neon painted life model/dancer, whilst she was illuminated under UV light.
Art & Design Tutor said: “The workshops were colourful and energetic, giving the students to opportunity to capture movement and form using UV sensitive materials to record their outcomes. The students will use the artwork to inspire their first project; we look forward to seeing where the projects take them.”
Instagram – @neonnakedlifedrawing
Media Make-upLevel 2, Level 3
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