3D Nail Art Competition

Published 28 March

Nail Services Level 3 students this week competed in an extreme 3D nail art competition as part of their course.

As a group, they had to decide on a theme which was books and create 3D structures, props and a costume to fit in with their chosen theme. Before the day, the students created their 3D structures and characters which were made out of acrylic for five nails ready for the competition.

From doing the competition, the students have completed a full unit of their course and have an insight into competing in nail competitions.

Judging the competition were two ex-students, Emma Naylor and Catherine Lawson, who competed in the same competition when they were students and have both gone on to running very successful businesses within the nail industry.

Donna Lamiot, Nail Services Tutor said: “Every year the students do me proud with the amount of time, effort and commitment they put into this unit of the course, and this year has been no different. I was very impressed by the standard turned out and hope this has inspired them to continue pushing themselves out of their comfort zone to achieve great things in the future as they have done today. Well done girls!”

1st Place – Dumbo


2nd Place – Peter Pan


Peter Rabbit


The Jungle Book


Howl’s Moving Castle

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