Radio Bloopers Used to Educate Media Students

Published 26 December


David Rothwell, Freelance Radio Producer and Tech Op shared his experiences with Media students on careers in radio and of how to cope with bloopers.

He talked about possible career paths in radio and the various ways to approach them.

Interestingly for the students, David went through a typical hour of the radio station and how it gets put out. He demonstrated someone putting a link together saying what song that was, this is, station name and then to the next song. The students then listened to a series of real radio bloopers and how they were dealt with.

David says ‘Hopefully the students enjoyed it and have been inspired to work in radio.’

What advice did he wish he had been given before going into radio? ‘Just relax. It is impossible to be perfect. Mistakes will happen, so don’t be too hard on yourself.’

He advised that radio is perceived as a cool job, so the students would need to be prepared for rejection letters – but always react well, be positive and keep going.

Dr Paul Nataraj, Media Tutor said, ‘We are very grateful for David’s time. As we have our own Radio Station here at Craven College, the messages he brought were very pertinent for our students’.

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