Masterclass for College Film Makers - Craven College

Masterclass for College Film Makers

10 February 2018

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Media students attended a Film Making Masterclass at Teesside University. The students were set the challenge of creating and shooting a 30 shot film short which followed afterwards with viewing their work.

They worked on visual storytelling:
‘The set up'.
Storytelling and visual literacy are the vital components of filmmaking. The 30 shot film challenge allows groups to develop their knowledge of shot types, visual literacy and storytelling. Based on a pre agreed theme groups practice, develop and communicate a 30 shot film idea.

‘The Prep'
The group(s) developed their 30 shots into a cohesive storyboard and shot list that will be ready to shoot.

‘The Shoot'
The groups worked collaboratively to shoot their thematic film with just 30 camera shots. The 30 shots are ‘in camera' edited which allows groups to learn the discipline and etiquette around the use of cameras and working with actors.

‘The Review'
The films were then screened and critiqued by the groups.


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