Filmmaker Turns Passion Project into a Career

Published 31 October

Filmmaker Tom Diffenthal visited the Media students to share his experience of making music videos and music video production tied in with his own approach of using DIY processes and zero budget to make films that are aesthetically pleasing and interesting for people to watch.

Tom advised the students to just go out and make their own films in order to set them up with their own skills and give them the ability to hone what they want to do and help them to develop their own style. He was keen to put across that it doesn’t matter what level the students are working at because they will still be able to develop their skill set.

Tom’s biggest tip is to always start at the bottom. He says, ‘The film industry is a people industry and it’s all about getting along with them. Be prepared to start off as a runner and make friends with everyone and make a reputation for yourself.’

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