Filmmaker Gives Media Students the Big Picture

Published 30 December

Broden Salmon, Filmmaker from Clitheroe visited Craven College to speak to Media students about the process of filmmaking. Broden has done freelance work for the past year and is now at Manchester Film School.

He shared his knowledge of working with no budget to commission work and also how you can use film to capture stories socially.

Broden says ‘ My message to students is to DIY it a bit. Use what you have to achieve visions. Make mistakes while you can, whilst it’s not so important and learn from them. Work with people you know – your friends and have fun. ’

His final piece of advice to the students was to plan their shoots logistically and plan the timing.

Media Tutor Dr Paul Nataraj said, ‘ I am really grateful to Broden for giving up his time to come and talk to the Media students. It’s really important that they get the chance to meet young people who are actually out there making films’.


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