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Media Students Join Huddersfield University Workshops

Published 08 February
Media courses

Extended Diploma Media students spent last week working with Huddersfield University taking part in a group of workshops which covered themes such as Media and the Everyday with Dr Ben Litherland, a talk about how we use media, and media uses us, at different times of the day, how and why – with questions as starting points for a follow-on discussion. Interviewing for Radio with Caroline Pringle was a practical talk on why great interviews are vital for radio programmes and how to set them up, for example thinking about questions to ask in advance – with a task in which students interview each other, using their smartphone as a recording device. Music Fans and Gender with Dr Rosemary Hill considered gender identities in music whilst a live workshop introduced Social Media Spreadability followed by an Introduction to Studying Media at University lecture and Q&A with Jenny Gibson.

Giles Atkinson, Head of Department, said ‘This was a unique opportunity for our media students to gain knowledge and skills to put towards their Final Major Projects which start next term’.

Media StudiesLevel 1, Level 2, Level 3
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