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Mahum’s Journey at Craven College

Published 12 October
Aviation courses,
Business courses

“My name is Mahum and I moved to Barnoldswick from Italy 5 years ago. When I first moved to the UK I struggled as I didn’t know the language, I worked really hard every day and reading books helped me to improve my English. I am proud to say that I got a grade 5 in English Language and 4 in Literature, I worked really hard for it.  

I chose to do Business Level 2 at Craven College as I was really interested in working at a bank, I really enjoyed the course because my tutors were really nice and you could work independently without someone holding you back. Craven College is a really good College because it has a friendly environment, all the teachers are friendly and helpful, people work really hard to achieve and do their best 

While I was doing Business, I became interested in studying at The Aviation Academy, where they prepare you to work in the aviation industry. I told my tutor, Sarah Burgess who helped me get there, she told me that I should visit one of the opening evenings and find out what they offer. Throughout my journey to studying aviation, Sarah was happy to answer all of my questions and help me get on the course, supporting me to complete my application  

Now I am at The Aviation Academy doing Aviation and Travel Level 3 and I am really enjoying it, the teachers are really kind and helpful, and my class is really supportive. After completing my course, I want to go straight into work in an airport, such as Manchester Airport. It has always been my dream to work in an airport and doing this course, it is my first step towards reaching my dream. I am really grateful for all the things in my life, for my family and friends supporting me and I want to thank Craven College for supporting me to achieve my dream.”


AviationLevel 1, Level 2, Level 3
Aviation & Tourism (Jan 2024)Level 3
BusinessLevel 1, Level 2
Cabin CrewLevel 2
Travel & Tourism (Jan 2024 - Aviation Academy)Level 2
Accounts/Finance Assistant ApprenticeshipLevel 2
Assistant Accountant ApprenticeshipLevel 3
Business Administrator ApprenticeshipLevel 3
Customer Service Practitioner ApprenticeshipLevel 2
Digital Marketer ApprenticeshipLevel 3
Junior Estate Agent ApprenticeshipLevel 2
Professional Accounting / Taxation Technician ApprenticeshipLevel 4
Team Leader / Supervisor ApprenticeshipLevel 3
Degrees & Higher Levels
Air Transport Management BSc (Hons) (Top-up)Level 6
Aviation Management & Operations FdScLevel 5
Aviation Management & Operations with Pilot Studies FdScLevel 5
Accounting - IntroductionTue 20 February 2024
Management & Administration - Leadership & Management T Level New CourseLevel 3
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