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Luxury Visit to Multiflight for Aviation Students

Published 14 January
Aviation courses

Aviation Level 3 students visited the facilities at Multiflight to gain access and knowledge about the less spoken about side of aviation. Multiflight offers private flights and the more luxury side of the industry. The visit included the private lounge, where passengers wait before boarding, looking at the engineering hangar where the aircraft are maintained as well as the security area. The students were escorted by Kim Thompson, who is an ex-student of the Aviation Academy before securing her role with Multiflight.
The learners gained knowledge about the types of flights Multiflight offer such as the private flight that had landed from Jersey that morning and how they handle small pets on such flights as well. Kim explained how she gets to meet celebrities such as Ed Sheeran who came to play a concert in Leeds last summer as well as meeting high profile politicians such as Boris Johnson also passed through the private terminal just before Christmas.
Learners also got to visit hangars where other aircraft are kept and maintained for Multiflight’s customers, this includes helicopters (Air ambulance) as well as fixed-wing aircraft. The engineering hangar is always of special interest to learners wanting a career in the engineering side of aviation, here they could watch the engineers work on the aircraft.
Kim explained how the company must follow the Civil Aviation Authority regulations such as ensuring passengers travelling on certain jets must go through security and have their bags x-rayed before boarding their own private jet. The learners got to see the baggage screening systems and this helped them understand the theory that they are learning about in class.
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