Equine students visit the mechanical horse

12 March 2018

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Horse Management

On Thursday 08 March, the equine students enjoyed a trip to Whitemoor Riding Centre in Foulridge to use a mechanical horse. This was a fantastic opportunity for students to appraise each other on their position in the saddle, and practice advanced dressage movements. The simulator has sensors to detect the level of contact through the reins, the amount of leg pressure used and the weight distribution of the rider in the saddle. The screen allows students to see exactly how they are performing in real time. The volunteers from Pendle RDA are providing an invaluable service that is already widely recognized as an effective form of exercise, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.


Land-based Studies Level 1


Horse Care Level 2


Horse Management Level 3



Animal Management (Equine) HNC

The Aviation Academy
Academy of Hair & Beauty
The Brasserie

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